Bryndan Kinard

Bryndan Kinard

Confessions of a Chorus Virgin
CMC’s December holiday concerts were the “coming out” for six new chorus members, including baritone Bryndan Kinard. We asked Bryndan, a graduate of Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts, what that first concert was like.

The preparation was hard. Wearing a tuxedo was not high on his list of reasons for joining the chorus. All of the hours of rehearsing and memorizing music had been hard for him, too.

But at 8:07 p.m. on Dec. 20, “it became real for me – the moment that door opened and I stepped into a full Harriet Tubman theater,” Bryndan remembered in a recent e-mail. “ ‘I’m really singing with the chorus, this is no dream, it’s a reality.’

“I tried to block out the sight of the audience, which wasn’t too hard because of the blaring lights (although I could still make out a few faces even if I didn’t know who they belong to).

“Thoughts are racing through my mind at light speed. ‘What song is first?’ ‘Do I know all the words?’ ‘Am I singing too loudly? Probably.’ ‘Am I smiling?’ ‘Is this an appropriate time to scratch my nose?’

“By the time I finished thinking all these thoughts,” Bryndan wrote, “we had finished the first act … and I somehow had made it out alive. The second act was, needless to say, a much smoother ride.”